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Looking for Local SEO Services?​​​​

If you're looking to get on the first page of Google's search results, a Local SEO Services package from C Arthur will help. In order to better serve it's searchers, Google has a local search results box (Map +3) that appears just after the paid ads at the top of the search results page. It's specifically designed for your customers searching for your business type in your local market. It only appears for some search terms, and there are many factors that influence which businesses are displayed, but it's based primarily on your customer's distance from your business when they enter the search. You've probably seen it--it's the map and the 3 results directly beneath it, shown here in this search for bowling alleys: 

Local SEO Service

Local SEO Services can get you in the Map +3 box.

Until recently, a searcher needed to put "near me", "nearby", or a city after the search term in order to see the results. While those qualified searches still happen, Google has changed it's search algorithm and it assumes that many searches for goods and services are searches for something nearby, so that the local Map+3 box appears automatically without a "near me" qualifier.  It's more important than ever to rank as high as you can in those results.

C Arthur creates custom local seo packages for your business based on location, competition, and industry. Breaking into the top 3 is harder to do, for example, for lawyers in Minneapolis than for a bowling alley in the suburbs. Pricing starts at $500.00, and is applicable to the purchase one of our Organic SEO packages. Most businesses see ranking improvement within a few weeks, sometimes much more quickly.