Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies That Work.

Digital Marketing Agency Tactics used in Online Marketing

C Arthur Digital is a digital marketing agency that helps you to maximize the ROI of your online marketing budget. We analyze your situation and come up with plan to implement the highest return on investment tactics first.

You'll increase sales using the most effective online marketing tactics, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Local SEO gets you listed in local directories, so when potential customers search for you on Google you'll show up in the results. You can optimize for clicks to your site or phone calls. Organic SEO has a long term investment for lasting free clicks. Pay per click strategies like Google Adwords provide highly targeted, measurable calls to action for your customers right when they're searching for them. But don't just drive them to your site and leave them hanging. Lead capture mechanisms will allow you to follow up with potential clients through either retargeting or email--the most effective marketing strategies.

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Would you like help with your online marketing? We increase your marketing ROI with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and Email Marketing.

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About C Arthur Digital

C Arthur Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Chanhassen, MN, a Minneapolis suburb.

Our mission is to help small businesses increase their marketing ROI by providing the right website traffic, turning traffic into leads, and turning those leads into customers.